Question about Expected Behavior of Meeting When Host Never Joins

This question is more of a question of expected behavior, so not using the typical template.

We use the Zoom API to help create interviews between Interviewers and Candidates.

Accounts Involved:
ZoomHost - A Licensed Account used to host the meeting (the host never joins and is not associated with a particular person, but is instead a paid license account that is used for hosting interview sessions)
Interviewer1 - An interviewer
Interviewer2 - An interviewer
Candidate - The Candidate being interviewed


A meeting is created from 3-5pm. The host is ZoomHost. The meeting duration is 120.

At the beginning of the meeting Interviewer1 and Candidate join the call.

At roughly 4pm, Interviewer1 leaves the meeting, leaving only Candidate in the call. Then, minutes later Interviewer2 joins the call.

At roughly 4:40pm, both Interviewer2 and Candidate are kicked off of the meeting with a message saying that the “meeting ended because host failed to join”.

The particular meeting in question has id: 94105822049.

Seems like this should have been fine and not sure why the meeting was terminated. What would the expected behavior be in the scenario? Are there particular API settings to ensure this doesn’t happen?

Unexpectedly receiving “Meeting ended because host failed to join” after some time in a meeting.

Would love to get a response here as I have a customer who is now concerned that they will be boot from video calls with candidates in the middle of their interviews.

Also happy to provide more information if needed or reach out on a better channel if this isn’t the best place!

Hi @anayini,
This is expected behavior when the host did not start the meeting, this is not an issue with the API. It is just how it was designed. To prevent this issue for happening we suggest the host be one of the interviewers. For additional support around meeting host and this error, please reach out to


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