Question: What happens on "Reinstall"?

Hello! We have a Zoom App on the marketplace and have submitted it for review to add a new scope for the very first time, so we’re new to how updates work for apps.

In the confirmation modal there was text saying:

Once the update is approved, reauthorization will be required if a subscriber choses to enable the update by clicking “Reinstall” on Marketplace.

I wanted to know where the “Reinstall” button will direct people, I couldn’t find any docs or forum posts about this and want to be extra sure so that we don’t accidentally break the app for everyone! Will it be our “Direct landing URL” – the same URL that people are sent to when they install the app? That would be ideal.

And will people be able to continue using our existing app until they reinstall, or does it force them to do it before being able to use it again?


No concern you will break anything! You’re right - the reinstall button just installs for a user. The app scopes may have changed since the first install, and Zoom is just confirming their consent to the new expanded scope

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