Raw data license


Any updates regarding raw data licenses for the Client SDK.


Hi @atamrakar, thanks for using the dev forum.

We do not have any updates to share regarding the availability of raw data licenses at this time. Our Video SDK does provide raw data without the need for a license, but may not be an adequate replacement for the Meeting SDK depending on your use case. More information on the differences between our SDKs can be found here.


Hi @jon.zoom
Do you have any updates regarding raw data licenses for the Client SDK?

Hi @dev_gijiroku, thanks for using our SDK.

As of v5.9.6, all of the native SDKs (Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS) can send raw data without a license. You can also now access raw audio/video data through the new raw recording feature, which is outlined here.


@jon.zoom Thank you for your support.
I see we can send raw data, but how can I receive the user’s raw data on iOS SDK (I used Meeting SDK)?

Hi @dev_gijiroku,

Currently receiving raw data via raw recording is only available through the Windows and macOS Meeting SDKs.


Is there any plan to support receiving raw data from android and ios client (meeting) SDKs?