Recall.AI `zoom_invalid_signature` since 15/5/2024

My product (Meetingflow) uses Recall.AI to join Zoom meetings to facilitate call recording.

The Zoom app is published to the Zoom Marketplace (G8_EDOD4SqGDXecVD26Kyg) and has been since December 2023. There have been no configuration (or code) changes in Meetingflow since then.

On Wednesday ~1pm GMT Meetingflow started receiving failures from Recall.AI for all Zoom meetings that Recall.AI attempted to join on behalf of Meetingflow users. The substatus code is zoom_invalid_signature.

Since then all Zoom calls have failed to join with the same error. Joining other call providers is working fine.

I ran through the Recall.AI Zoom onboarding guide and checked that the credentials registered with Recall are correct.

One difference is their documentation shows an App UI which is completely different to the Meetingflow one; the Meetingflow app is registered as a Meeting SDK app, rather than a General App with the Meeting SDK feature turned on.

I have a lot of very frustrated, unhappy users right now, and I’m at a loss for how to help them.

@amanda-recallai bumping this up

Hey @chunsiong.zoom thanks for pinging me here.

@rich.meetingflow I’m super sorry you’re running into these issues – I checked internally with the team, and it seems like the issue here is something to do with your Zoom SDK credentials no longer working. I saw you mentioned to us you haven’t changed anything on your end, and we’re not seeing this as a widespread issue on our end.

@chunsiong.zoom I’m wondering if you’d be able to investigate Rich’s SDK credential status – also happy to hop on a call, I’ve just messaged you separately.

If there are any suggestions, like clicking somewhere to regenerate credentials, and just updating Recall I’m willing to give anything a shot if there’s a chance it’ll help.

@rich.meetingflow do we know if the app can join meetings on your account, or are all meetings seeing this error