Stop logging Zoom users out of their desktop app

This isn’t directly related to the developer APIs, but it has a huge effect on them.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We use meeting participation to drive behavior in our application to provide an in-meeting tool for our users. When a user is unauthenticated in their Zoom desktop client, we can’t detect that they are participating in a meeting based on webhooks. Unfortunately, the Zoom desktop app is very “logout happy” which means users are, unknowingly, in an unauthenticated state much more often than they realize. For example, if you try to use Zoom on two separate desktop computers, you will be logged out of one of them. Unknowingly being in this logged out state breaks our in-meeting functionality.

Describe the solution you’d like
Let users be logged in to multiple desktop clients at once.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
At the very least Webhook when a participant authenticates


Agreed re: issue logging users out. I had to recently create another user so I could join a meeting with my iPad in addition to my laptop so I could share my iPad screen. Previously I could do this with my same account. I was the meeting host and I needed to use the whiteboard feature and wanted to use my Apple Pencil with the whiteboard feature.

Could you set your meetings and webinars to require registration, and to only allow registrants to attend/join, restricting to a single device? This would make it to where every meeting attendee is registered (so you can perform a reverse lookup if they are not authenticated). Would this work?

If the developer creates meetings with registration required, then every participant who registers will receive a unique join_url only good for that particular person.

Using this plus setting either the meeting’s setting: meeting_authentication or enforce_login to TRUE forces users to authenticate with Zoom prior to joining the meeting (this is a solid workaround too, but may be too restrictive for certain business use cases).

Unfortunately our goal is to work with any Zoom meeting our app users create. We can recommend they make those changes for an improved UX but we don’t want to require them.

We would be very interested in learning more about the technical / business reasons why Zoom only allows a user to be logged in to a single computer of a given “type” at a time.