Zoom Recording Webhook not found on Oauth App

After the update for granular scopes I am unable to find the webhook event subscription for recording_completed( Zoom API Events - Meeting ) . In fact, the tab for recording under webhook is missing. I have made multiple OAuth apps using the legacy flow over the past couple of weeks and all of them have the Recording tab:

New applications I create do not:

I don’t find the same tab under general apps either
Please resolve this asap as this is a major blocked for us.

Experiencing the same issue. What is the recommended course?

Where are the Team Chat events? Are they available for a Account-level app?

Hi All, please see the following:

And this includes the webhook subscriptions as well?

@gianni.zoom is the Team Chat API a production-ready product? If so, how is it possible that this API doesn’t work?

@npaul webhook events access mirror the respective endpoints that pull the same info. If the granular scope for certain endpoints do not exist yet, you will not be able to use those events yet for new apps.

@echodeveloper it is, but for apps newly created that have to use granular scopes, not all scopes you may require for your use-case are available yet compared to legacy applications accessing the team chat API. Please see my response here: