Redirect all participants to the same URL

Zoom Apps Configuration
Vanilla JS

If there is any API in Zoom Apps using which we can redirect all the participant’s individual App instances to the same URL?

Not directly, but you have some alternative options to consider:

you can sendInvitation and add a iid in it, and everyone who clicks on it will be able to see same thing

If the app is already open for a participant you could do this with a web socket or server-sent event

hey @ash.provost ,

by sendInvitation you mean sendAppInvitation? and as far as I know about this API it just send notification to user to open the same app right? I don’t think that is going to help in my case.

when you send an invitation, you’ll get back an invitation ID in the response. And when a user launches an app via the invitation link, the context header will contain the same invitation ID

So, you could do something like this:

  • Send invitations
  • Capture invitation ID, create a record in the database that contains the invitation ID and a URL path
  • When a user launches the app, check context header for invitation ID. If it is present, look up invitation in the database and redirect them to the associated path

okay, got it @ash.provost .
And can’t we even send some message to all or some of the participants of the meeting in the chat or something using any Zoom Apps API? (apart from sending App Invitation )

Currently, in Zoom Apps SDK there is no API that is specifically designed to send messages to all participants.