Rejoin meeting after force quit

I am wondering if it is possible in the Android Zoom SDK to be able to force exit my app, but be able to rejoin the meeting if I click the Zoom SDK notification bar or click on my app icon.

Which version?

As a note, this is possible with the native Zoom Android app. So I am wondering what the difference is that allows the Zoom Android App to rejoin meeting if force quit.

Hi donutd9595,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Unfortunately, the feature you are mentioning is the Zoom Android Client exclusive feature so our SDK does not have it. If you would like to do a similar feature with our SDK, one alternative solution would be storing the meeting info locally when joining a meeting, when the app suddenly exits, and open again, check whether the local storage has the meeting info, if yes, join the meeting.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson, thank you for your reply.

There’s another thing that I noticed is that the Zoom Android Client does not make user leave meeting when force quit. How is it possible to keep user in meeting? Is this code through overriding In Meeting Activity?

Hi donutd9595,

Thanks for the reply. No, the Zoom client can achieve this since it is an app, it could do a lot more things, melted different techniques, and make them work together. It might be hard for SDK since it is a library and we could not select how the SDK works with everyone’s app since every integration is unique.

I will continue monitoring the possibility of having this feature in our SDK and keep you updated if it becomes possible with our SDK.