Remove existing authorizations when a user is moved to a restricted group

In our Zoom account, we have allowed certain requested apps to be pre-approved on a group-by-group basis. If a user installs/authorizes an application while a member of a group that allows it, but then later is moved to a group that does not allow that particular application to be installed, the application remains authorized. Ideally, upon being moved into the group for which the application is not approved, the authorization for that user would be revoked.

No error.

Which App?
Any app that can be approved for users, and installation restricted to those users in a particular Zoom group.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Place user in group that allows installation of App.
  2. User installs and authorizes App.
  3. Move user to Zoom group that does not allow installation of App.
  4. App remains installed/authorized for user.

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