Renew Zoom publishable link before expiration


My company has recently submitted our Zoom app, Blossom, for review. Based on the current estimated review time, our temporary Publishable URL will expire before our app review is complete.

We have some early adopter users who will be installing our app right around the time our Publishable URL will expire, we are worried about their ability to try out the app.

Is there any way we can renew the Publishable URL before it expires on December 1st? It would really help us to avoid a blackout period with our users and we would greatly appreciate it.


Hey @vedran,

Users who have already installed your app via the Publishable URL will still be able to use the app. :slight_smile:

The only change is new users will not be able to install the app until it is published or the publishable URL expiry is extended. Let us know if you still want us to extend your publishable URL expiry.


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