Report Meeting API failing to send data back for "has_recording" field

I was looking at Zoom API options to get meeting recording transcription data and found that they are available from “recording” set of APIs.

I’d like to call these APIs as fewer times as possible and to this end I found that Zoom Meeting API has new boolean fields that should tell me exactly when I should poll recording APIs.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as documented, instead I only have result below for two of my meetings that I recorded today. Can you please help to review why these fields are not present in the API response?

Without these indicators, I would have to poll for recording for EVERY meeting, typically 2,700 additional API calls per day.


Secondly it will be of great help to add q&A and polling to this API endpoint. “has_qna” and “has_polling” – this would significantly reduce number of API I have to make.

Hi @brian.chippewa , what query parameters did you use?

You can also subscribe to the recording.completed webhook to mitigate API calls since webhooks do not impact rate limits: Zoom API Events - Meeting

Great suggestion, please create a post in Feature Requests for this :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will post the same in the feature request section :slight_smile:

Regarding the has_recording issue, the customer provide me this from Postman:{Redacted}/meetings?from=2024-02-06&to=2024-02-06

Please let me know if you need any further details.

@gianni.zoom following up to see if you if you need anything further to review this issue.

Hi @brian.chippewa ,

Sorry I did not see your respond! Sometimes we do not get a notification if you do not @ us directly. Please respond to my private message with the following:

  • full request/response screenshot
  • client id associated with request
  • developer email

Additionally I will test and see if I can reproduce this.

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Pending investigation (ZSEE-120994)