Request: Implement Virtual Backgrounds in Linux

With the growing user base of linux, I simply don’t understand why Zoom can’t implement their virtual background feature on Windows and Mac OS on linux. It’s not as if the code is specific to one operating system: sure, there might be a few necessary adjustments, but practically all the work needed for virtual backgrounds on linux has already been done. There’s many people out there who use Zoom daily in work and online school who also need virtual backgrounds, so an entire operating system that is a major part of online infrastructure not having this feature is unfortunate. Of course, there’s a pattern with poor support for linux, but various distributions have been gaining more momentum during quarantine, so there’s a very strong case for also prioritizing the linux version of the app.


I strongly agree. Especially for developers linux is a very common choice and the virtual background feature (without greenscreen - nobody has a greenscreen) is an important feature for working remotely.

There is even a hacky workaround for linux using free open source tools but of course this is not a real solution. Nevertheless it shows it can’t be very difficult to implement this functionality for linux. 18.04 - How can I choose the Zoom virtual background feature using Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu


Yes but all these workarounds are 10x more laggy than zoom client’s native virtual background feature on windows and way less convenient

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I just tried to prove it doesn’t work, to show my colleagues how bad the linux version was, and surprise! it actually works. And quite well I must say.

Zoom version 5.5.2 7011.0206, snap 134 (latest/edge) from GitHub - ogra1/zoom-snap
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS up to date

Depending on your background and lighting virtual background without image recognition might work fine… for most situations it doesn’t unfortunately.

I tried the version you recommended (5.5.2 7011.0206, installed from .deb) and green screen is still required (as mentioned in the settings).

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I fully support the request for a working virtual background on linux without greenscreen.
The current implementation is simply unusable.

Please Zoom developers implement this option for linux (Ubuntu) as well.

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Adding my voice as another paid user requesting the same or better functionality on Linux as mac or windows. I too request for a working virtual background on linux without greenscreen.

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I’m with ubuntu 18.04 and have a green screen.
the virtual background barley works, I almost can’t move when using it otherwise the movements breaks the background.
zoom dev, please push this forward.


Ubuntu 20.04, virtual background barley works and video filters not present, please improve these features! Thanks

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I second that. Currently unusable on Linux.

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I’m a paying user of the Linux client. For brand consistency with my colleagues this feature is essential. Another vote!

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Another vote here. IMHO Zoom is the best video conferencing software, let’s make it even better.