Requesting approval for an app when it is only allowed for some users in an organization

If my organization has approved a small subset of my users to use a Zoom App, does it outright ban all remaining users from requesting access?

This screenshot as shown prevents the user from letting the admin know that the user would like to use the app and does not even tell the user how to contact their admin

To see the screenshot please join: #ISV Warmly + Zoom [External] and see first screenshot from Romina Castillo on April 5th

Welcome @max_warmly,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum- it is great to have you! I’ve reviewed the thread in the #ISV Warmly + Zoom [External] channel and I see the user was blocked from installing Warmly. I can confirm the issue is resolved and the user can access the App. Without reviewing the support ticket placed, it is difficult to pinpoint if the root cause is related to an account setting issue or a one-off anomaly of some sort. Would you be able to share if the behavior is isolated to one user or many users? If the latter, has it been occurring constantly, or does it happen on and off?