Required Permissions to Enable OAuth App

I have set up an OAuth app, and although I have administrative-level permissions, I am receiving an error that states I “cannot install the app because you don’t have the required permissions. Please contact your IT Administrator for permissions and try again.”

How do I resolve this without reaching out to the account owner to approve the app? Or, can only account owners approve apps?

Also, it’s an unpublished app per the requirements of the ETL tool I am using – how can the account owner search for and find an unpublished OAuth app for approvals if only the account owner can approve.

Hi @samdep ,

Here’s guidance on app install permissions:,Sign%20in%20to%20the%20Zoom%20App%20Marketplace%20as%20an%20admin,all%20users%20in%20the%20account.

It could be that your particular Admin role settings do not allow for app install privileges. If this is the case, the account Owner would need to adjust.