【resend】Webhook does not work in some specific user

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API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

  • meeting.created
  • recording.completed

We can not receive webhook in some specific users.
We use webhook in ACES Meet (client_id: 1Ep642byQma0uNcAv7o4vw).
I have checked Guide: "We Are Not Receiving Webhooks As Expected" -- Here's What to Do!, but I can’t get the cause of this issue.

This topic is same as Webhook does not work in some specific users
I resent because no one answered the topic and occurrence of this issue is increasing.

We does not receive error, but it seems webhook request is not sent.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
※ This Issue can be reproduced in some specific users
1. Create scheduled meeting
2. meeting created webhook request is not sent
3. Start meeting and start recording
4. Finish meeting
5. recording completed webhook request is not sent

Hi @daiki.murakami
Can you share a recent meeting ID where you were expecting to get those events so I can take a look into this


I’m having the same issue in a Server-To-Server OAuth app. Start/End meeting weekhooks randomly not firing for certain user. But for other user works flawlessly every time.

Some extra data: at the beginning I was not receiving webhooks at all for this user, until I edited (removed, saved, reselected, saved) the events in the webhook config, suddenly it started working but it fails randomly.

Some examples:
Meeting ID: 858 8132 4059 > works flawlessly (meeting from user that works)
Meeting ID: 867 4481 8628 > lot of fails (meeting from failing user)
Meeting ID: 822 3534 5238 > some fails in (meeting from failing user)


Thank you for your response.

There’s some example of meeting id. (These examples are meetings in our tenant, and other examples exist in other tenants)

  • 986 8729 2488
  • 985 9833 3575
  • 993 8894 7025 (implemented in 8/1 is fired, but 8/15 is not fired)
  • 936 7052 5124 (implemented in 8/1 is fired, but 8/15 is not fired)
  • 920 6571 9163 (implemented in 8/3 is fired, but 8/9 is not fired)

In some specific users, webhook doesn’t fire, but after reconnecting to Zoom OAuth, webhook start to fire in some case.


Hi @daiki.murakami and @ldevescovi
Are you both still experiencing this issue?
If so, please confirm and I will go ahead and send you a private message for more information

I confirmed this issue is resolved in some users, but this issue occurs in many users and I haven’t confirmed about all users.
If I find other occurrences, I will send meeting ids.
Thank you

Thanks, please tag me when you have meeting IDs that are recent @daiki.murakami

Exactly the same here!

I will tag you Elisa with fresh Ids if I detect this again.


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Thanks @ldevescovi keep me posted and please tag me so I get the notification

Thank you for your support.
I have not received any reports of this issue since then.
Can you tell us where the cause of this issue was and what action was taken?
In addition, I would like to know if there is a possibility that this condition will occur in the future under any conditions.

We identified a shortage a couple weeks ago that could have impacted you @daiki.murakami
We are working hard on finding the root case of this issue and also implementing more monitoring systems

Thank you for your response.
When do you expect to determine the cause and complete the response?

I do not have a date that I could share with you but we are monitoring this closely.
If you are missing any events, feel free to share that with me and I can take a closer look

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