[Resolved with 1.7.4+] Web SDK / Web Client from browser: 403 Forbidden

Looks like they found time to update their Web Client docs overview with the line that none of us want to read. Top was taken from the web archive from a couple days back. Bottom is how it reads now. I had just got the web client working as the client wanted and now were hit with this. What a joke.



I am regretting my decision of integrating my platform with zoom rather than other reliable products in the market such webex, bluejeans etc. The quality of support and readiness of the product to meet the demand is pathetic. I am paid user of zoom but I am suffering loss and humiliation due their incompetencies in managing the service. Please the service online asap.


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Actually, we are using the Android app. The problem is still the same, though, the /wc/ link that allowed the username to be encoded is no longer working and this was an essential feature.

Just signed up to write this post.
If there will be a need to sign in for web client, then they will loose millions of users.

Such a shame for such a good program, I think time to move to webex.


I think it’s time to cancel subscriptions. We are removing Zoom from our businesses and will not recommend Zoom to our partners anymore.

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If this is true, it’s the final nail in the coffin. Zoom failed miserably, and we’re done with it. We can live with technical challenges, but not core platform changes. Especially with zero communication or notice so that we could alert our customers who depend on us the same way we depend on Zoom. Truly pathetic. I had a totally different impression of Zoom as a company before this, we were their biggest fans and such strong advocates.

I hope this isn’t true and they plan to properly communicate a change that actually makes sense. But the terrible communication from their end has shattered our confidence and we cannot recommend Zoom to our customers anymore.


At the moment, it appears that the Web SDK has been removed from the status page as well. I suppose I should be grateful that I’ve “only” wasted a week building my integration. Looks like I’ll be spending tomorrow ripping it back out of my app. What a spectacular failure. If anyone’s found a product with an embeddable web client that actually works, I’d sure love to hear about it.


Is Zoom trying to sweep this under the rug?

Colleagues, did anyone manage to launch meeting through a web client at least somehow? Share your wisdom please.

We have been searching for the last 2 days after this whole fiasco started, and this morning found ClickMeeting to be a far superior solution to Zoom in every functional way. They have a very powerful embed function for webinars and meetings (open access), and a super simple API. Only limitation we are noticing is it seems the platform only goes up to 1,000 attendees, but maybe that’s just their public pricing. We’re very excited about ClickMeeting, looks so much better to us than Zoom for our purposes.

Just as we finished integration and planned to release, this happened! Seriously considering other options now, what a waste of the last couple weeks.


So grateful we dropped Zoom for Jitsi Meet at this point in our eval process. Jitsi’s embed API is dead simple and their entire platform is open source (not just the compiled files we get from Zoom). Our devs are already planning to contribute some fixes to Meet. Zoom however…


The main reason we decided to use ZOOM was based on the possibility to join Meetings without the need to force the Meeting Attendes to sign up. Now they basically removed the core feature of the web client without a single fucking word. This must be a joke.


@Tommy @TimZoom, I noticed that the documentation has now been changed to say:

Participants joining through the web client will need to be signed in to a Zoom account.

I am sure you guys are very busy but I for one would really appreciate getting some kind of official response to these sudden and critical changes to your service.

We just bought 100s of zoom meeting and webinar licenses; if this change to how the web client works is going to be permanent, we’re going to have to re-think our investment in Zoom.


We’re in the same boat. Our clients do not want to have to create zoom accounts. That’s the whole point of using the SDK and the API. We need to know ASAP if we should transition to something else, this current option is not tenable.

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Verified web client seems to be working now when you join using zoom.us/wc/join/{meeting_id}.

However, webSDK is still giving me 403 error. New update ?

It’s definitely not working, it requires you to login. The whole point of the web client was that you didn’t need to login.


The whole point of the web client is not needing to download and install the desktop client. This is important for environments where installing software by the users is impossible. In this regards it is working. Join without login works from the desktop client. What’s not working is joining with no installation and no login.

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You’re definitely right, that is the point. But the concern is that it seems we will be able to eventually use the WebSDK to run meetings without installation, though it will require people to have Zoom accounts. Regardless, I agree 100% with you.

Just checking in here, everyone. There are lots of moving parts and things are happening very fast. We will provide a more concrete update by the end of Monday 4/6.

I don’t want to give false info on accident or give people false hope. I know this is tough and we’re asking a lot, but if I can ask for some patience we will give you all the details as soon as they are all known.

Thank you for being a Zoom customer!

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