REST APIs for meeting control/moderation


We are looking for server side integration between our meeting management system and Zoom, and do not see significant chunk of functionality from SDKs exposed in REST APIs. Mostly about in-meeting experience. Namely, we are looking for REST APIs to invite (dial out to) SIP/H.323 participants, to mute/unmute participant’s audio/video channels, display on-screen message for some (or all) participants in a meeting, disconnect participant(s). We are also looking for ability to pass meeting dial in information (or part of it, like meeting id or alias) when creating instant meeting.
Is any of above available using REST APIs? In some other topic we saw the reference that “the REST API is for Pre/Post meeting while the SDK is for the in-meeting experience”, is that really the case? If so, do you plan to expose in-meeting functionality in REST APIs in the near future?


Hi @vlad,

Yes, that is true, with the exception of some of our dashboard API’s most of our APIs are for pre/post meeting experience. Right now we do not have any plans to expose the REST APIs for in meeting functionality in at least in the near future.