Restrict One Participant for One Login Session

Is that possible us to Restrict One Participant for One Login Session in ZOOM app ?

It means , I want to restrict 1 person can share his meeting urls to other ones.

Eg : One participant can view his/her meeting only 1 time . he/she cannot share that meeting url with others.

Hi @sameera,

Restricting a specific participant to be able to join a meeting just once is not possible as you’ve described it. However, you might consider creating an instant meeting (Meet Now) via API, which will ensure that a meeting expires after it’s ended and can’t be restarted. To create an instant meeting, you would designate type 1 in your Meeting Create call.

Let me know if this helps!

I used Registeration required option. then user can register with my meeting . so he/she cannot share meeting url with someone. because its unique URL . i disabled MULTIPLE devices active option . .
How is my approach ?

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Hey @sameera,

That is the correct approach! :slight_smile:


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