Retrieve in-meeting chat? Closed chat window down before saving


I just had a really important zoom meeting with a customer and closed down the chat window before I could save it or write down the customers responses in chat.

PLEASE is there anyway to retrieve the responses from this meeting?

Any advice or help to get these messages back will help me look after this customer.

Thank you!!!

Hi @jonny,

There’s not a way to retrieve this information via API, but please reach out to our Technical Support team here for further assistance.


Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I will reach out to tech support now.

Do you know if it’s possible or not?

Thanks @jonny. I do believe this may be possible via an archiving option—our Support Team will be able to confirm.


Thanks so much for getting back to me @will.zoom - really appreciate it.

I submitted a tech support request last week but haven’t heard anything back.

Do you know how I can check progress of the ticket? (It also says tech support is only for paid members but I’m not a paid member - I would join as a paid member though if there was any way of getting this message transcript back (it’s regarding the health of a customers dog, I run a fresh food start-up for dogs).

Thanks again, any advice would be really appreciated.


Hi @jonny,

I see—Thank you for clarifying. I should note that the functionality I was thinking of would only apply to upcoming meetings. I’m afraid this would not be a solution for meetings that occurred previously—Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s possible to retrieve in-meeting chat for previous meetings if it wasn’t captured during the meeting itself.

While I realize this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, I hope it helps to clarify.

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