Retrieving registration data for participants


I am looking to fetch participant duration for individuals that register and join a Zoom meeting. Registration is required for these meetings to ensure that we can collect an email address. The email address is used for identification in another system to roll up reporting.

Is there a way to tie a registrant to a participant from the API (V2)?

One constraint is that the app is User Managed (OAuth) - meaning account admin level APIs cannot be accessed. We can currently fetch participant duration via Webhooks; however, we are unable to associate those participants with a registration because of no associated attribute (the name of a participant could be mistyped or not clearly match that of a registration).

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Hi @JonW,

This is an interesting use case, right now there is no way to associate the registered user to the participant list via our v2 API especially on a user level app. I’ll bring this to our Engineers attention and see if we can associate registered users with meeting participants in an upcoming release.


Thanks Michael - I hope to see it soon!

Do you know of any alternative approaches to collect participant duration and email (assuming not all participants are Zoom users)?

Hi @JonW,

If the registered users join the meeting with login IM Client, you can retrieve the participant’s email through Report API -

Afterwards, you can use email value for associations.