Dashboard - Get Webinar Participants (availability of participant email address)

Is it possible to include the participant’s email address as one of the attributes retrieved in the GET # /metrics/webinars/{webinarId}/participants?

The use case here is to automate the ability to take a “register” of participant attendance during a live session, where we don’t want to rely on the user_name.
I know there is a Webinar report that contains this information, but is only available after the session has ended.
I’m also aware that there will be limitations with this approach, e.g.

  • the list will be a snapshot view, so if a participant has joined late, their details won’t be captured
  • the email address may not be what we expect, i.e. if they are logged into Zoom using a different email address, or that they enter a different email address when joining

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @ed.g,

Good question. Currently there is not, but we have recently added it to the Dashboard Get Meeting Participants endpoint, so it would not be too hard to add it to the webinar endpoint as well. :slight_smile:

I have sent this to our engineering team to review. (ZOOM-185825)


Thank you Tommy, that sounds promising!

Would you know if it was purposefully left out before, or just an attribute that wasn’t considered when the API was first rolled out?

Will the engineering team provide a potential implementation date / period as part of the review?

Hey @ed.g,

We actually do have the email property in the Get Webinar Participants Dashboard endpoint! :slight_smile:

We will update our docs to reflect this.


That’s great news. Thank you again Tommy!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


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