Runtime error r6025 pure virtual function call

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error R6025 pure virtual function call error shows up in windows sdk demo project during chat.

Which version?
Knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. After SDK Auth, Join meeting without login using MeetingID, Password, Name.
  2. Click on Show Chat button.
  3. Error randomly pops up.


Device (please complete the following information):

  • PC
  • Windows 10

Additional context
The problem always occurred during screen/video shared by host. Although, didn’t try without screen/video being shared.


Any update on this issue?

Muhammad Ahmed

Hi @mohdahmed,

Thanks for the post. What is the SDK version you are using? Could you provide the SDK log and the dump (.dmp) files so that we could further investigate? We have tried to follow the steps you are mentioning and we are not able to experience the issue.


i encountered the same problem not have fixed it yet -fyi i have a ryzen processor maybe its a stability isuue thanks in adnvance

got the same issues, also have a ryzen cpu

Hey @samuel.lechner & @yoyomoder,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Can you provide the SDK version and SDK log so that we can troubleshoot?



I am using the win10 desktop version 5.4.3 (58891.1115). Idk how I can exoprt my sdk log or even where I find it? So my issues are basically that sometimes the programm crashed and I get an error alert saying the exact same like the sc posted above. I googled a bit and found out this might be due to graphic driver issues so I reinstalled them. i have a ryzen 7 3700x and a rtx 2070. tell me if you need more info. thx

i have the same problem. Ryzen 7 3700x and RTX 3070. same error

hey @samuel.lechner @yoyomoder @DaniMS93
Thanks for your feedback. If it is ok for you, Could you help us to save a dump when reproducing this issue again?
steps for save dump:
0.Please don’t close the error dialog
1.Open Windows Task Manager
2.Select the Details tab
3.Right-click the desired process
4.Select Create Dump File
5.Wait until a notification is presented for the successful creation of the dump file
A dialogue will appear with the location of the saved dump file
After the file is created, go to the folder specified in the Dumping Process dialog in Windows Explorer to access the dump (.dmp) file
Please compress the .dmp file and please send it to us if it is ok for you.

im sory i dont konw how to do it. i justa have this screenshotCapturar

Hi! Here are the files required. Tell me as soon as you have downloaded them, so that I can remove the link. Thanks.

Hello again. i run the program ccleaner and my Zoom meetings its work now. thanks for the help. have a nice day

well. dont work hehe. so i use the program you said and i send the files thanks. please help. because i use a lot zoom.

// Link removed.

Hi @DaniMS93,

Thank you very much for providing the dump files, really appreciate it. We found out that this issue is caused by a conflict with the Xtreme Tuner. We are still investigating this and will provide an update once we found out a solution.

To protect your dump files, I have hidden the link to your Google Drive. Thank you again for providing the files!

Hello. Ohh ok. For the moment, i uninstall the Extreme tuner. Please tell me if you find a solution. Thank you very much. Have a Nice day

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same… please fix… I also have xtreme tuner installed.

Hey @jeffreyarciga,

Thanks for using the dev forum!
We do not have updates on this issue yet. Will keep you posted.


Any news? I can’t uninstall xtreme tuner.

Hey @jeffreyarciga,

We do not have updates on this issue yet. Will keep you posted.


I encountered the same problem not have fixed it yet -fyi I have a Ryzen processor maybe its a stability issue thanks in advance

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