S2S OAuth App Scopes

Good morning,

We’re building a integration with Zoom and opting to use S2S OAuth Apps where we will integrate the Zoom Meeting and Webinar API’s. When setting up the required S2S OAuth App our approach is least privilege security e.g. making sure the S2S OAuth App is configured via a Zoom Integration User which is configured with a customer role limiting the scope of the App to Meetings to only the Meetings and Webinars it has created and manages.

It doesn’t seem to be possible to create a custom role (User Management → Roles) and set a Meeting and Webinar scope. Ideally we don’t want to use any of the default roles (User Management → Roles):

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Member

Ideally we’d like to create a custom role and limit the scope to Meeting and Webinar for the specific user. Is this possible because I am unable to find any documentation nor am I able to set this up against the custom role?

If this is not possible, does it mean S2S OAuth Apps can/should only be create and configured by a user with the Owner Role allowing for a Meeting and Webinar Scope to be added to the S2S OAuth App?

Any help o this will be much appreciated.

User Management → Roles should have an Add Role button; check with your administration team if you don’t see it. We set up a custom role for our application for use by the user that hosts it. You can check what you need to grant to this role through the user interface for a given application at: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apphelp/<appID>


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. You should be able to create S2S App with the scopes you looking to assign for the user role. The process accomplished this would be to create a custom role would be:

  1. Sign In - Zoom

  2. Navigate to User Management → Roles, then create the custom role

Using role management

  1. Once the role is created, assign a Member to the role.

  1. Next, In the Advance Feature Section, you set the view permissions for developers to contribute to app development and enable edit permission for developers to publish apps for distribution:

  1. Finally, update the Role Setting, by granting to the role scopes you want the user to access in your account:

Let me know if you have any questions about this.