Zoom Salesforce Integration Error

I have Installed Zoom App for Salesforce and Configured as per the Instrutions. When I click on “Start Zoom Meeting” from Contact details page, it takes to Sign-In page. Once click on Sign-In to Start button it gives " us04web.zoom.us refused to connect." error.

Following up on this article to see if there has been any updates for chome: Zoom-Salesforce Integration Issue

**us04web. zoom. us ** refused to connect.

Which App?
Zoom for Salesforce

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App
  2. Set Up
  3. Go to any Contact and click on Start Zoom Meeting

Hey @JustinD,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Start Zoom Meeting from Salesforce functionality. Were you able to try the solutions mentioned in that thread?

I am confirming with our engineering team if the update was released last month.


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