Salesforce/[large] Zoom Meeting Registration Integration

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I understand that the app in the marketplace is for bringing Zoom webinar information and registrant management into Salesforce. However, we, at our association, live out of Meetings to communicate with our constituents. With this, we are constantly putting out Zoom meetings for members to register to attend. Because of the size of our groups, we like to use meetings to allow others to speak up during Q&A and don’t have to invite people to speak.

In order to form marketing lists, we have to build reports in Salesforce using Zoom registration reports and basing off emails collected.

Describe the solution you’d like
An app that we can integrate with our Salesforce environment that allows us to run large Zoom meeting registration and management like the current app does for Zoom webinars.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We considered a solution that was created through our events platform (Fonteva), but the integration that was completed there does the same thing with Zoom webinars. However, theirs directly ties into the Events registration platform that we have. However, given the current landscape, our events platform is dead in the water as we are not running in-person events.


We had a team at Gravitate Solutions integrate this functionality with Salesforce NimbleAMS. I would reach out to them regrading this request.