Same user joined twice in zoom session

I have created a zoom meeting and joined as host, now the participants are 1. After that I refreshed page and I again joined as host but now there are 2 participants in meeting and both are my accounts.

Meeting Id - 895 1024 6200

Which version?
Zoom web sdk 1.7.7 (though observed in 1.7.5 also, now I have upgraded to 1.7.7 for GCM encryption )


Additional context
Not sure what happened, but after few minutes, one of my account disappeared and again participants in meeting became 1.

Hey @taushifali,

This is the expected behavior. If you refresh the page, it is basically the same as you getting disconnected, then when you re join, you will see your old session for a few minutes before Zoom removes it.


Hey @tommy,
Thanks for response.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: