SDK App + JWT + custCreate


We’re an ISV partner with Android and iOS SDK apps. All of our users are internal (our Apps are not published on the Marketplace). We create Zoom ‘custCreate’ licensed accounts for our users. Our workflow goes something like this:

  1. Server creates instant meeting using the REST{userId}/meetings endpoint with a JWT.
  2. Client starts the meeting with the zak extracted from the ‘start_url’ from step 1 using StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin() and MeetingService.startMeetingWithParams().

Will the deprecation shown here:

image (2)

…affect our workflow?

Is it safe to assume that:

a) The server-side JWT app used in conjunction with
b) The Android and iOS SDK meeting apps, and
c) ‘custCreate’ users

…will NOT require the use of oAuth (i.e. especially in consideration of the fact that ‘custCreate’ users do not and cannot login)?

Hi @j-dev,

Since custCreate users don’t have the ability to login, OAuth is not applicable to them. Any questions regarding the current/future requirements of custCreate users should go through your contact on our ISV team, as that is not part of the Meeting SDK.