SDK Error: 5 internalErrorCode: 124

Please, somebody help me…

Android Meeting SDK v5.11.3.9091

Using GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-sample-signature-node.js: Generate a signature to Start and Join Meetings and Webinars with the Zoom Meeting SDKs. to generate JWT


Postman POST localhost:4000
“meetingNumber”: “5868415858”,
“role”: 0

“signature”: “[REDACTED]”


public final static String SDK_JWTTOKEN = “”[REDACTED]";

Run sample produces
Error: 5
internalErrorCode: 124

I have regenerated my SDK Secret

Thank you for any help

I have no solution, but your signature looks good (decoded base64)

  "iat":1660329547,     -> Friday, 12 August 2022 18:39:07
  "exp":1660336747,     -> Friday, 12 August 2022 20:39:07
  "tokenExp":1660336747 -> Friday, 12 August 2022 20:39:07

it’s the correct version for SDK JWT

the error then lies rather with the init of the meeting, do you use the SDK JWT there?
I know the web api and there you can choose between SDK JWT Signature and JWT Signature.

have a look - same error message - there was the “solution” cors header ??? strange



Thank you for confirmation of the JWT. The code that produces this error is the mobilertc-android-studio sample v5.11.3.9091.

I am at a loss how zoom can supply a sample sdk app that produces this error without a forum solution. Please help me better understand the next step to utilize the android SDK.

Thank you so much,

I was using the SDK Key and SDK Secret from my SDK App. I instead tried using the API Key and API Secret from my JWT App. The new JWT when used with the SDK sample app produces the same Error: 5 / 124.

I decided to start completely over and created a new zoom account and created a new Marketplace SDK app. Using the new SDK Key/Secret the error 5/124 has been eliminated. Great, it was personal. Anyway, I am now able to init the sdk but trying to join a meeting I am prompted for the meeting password for meetings that do not have passwords. I have previously detailed this issue here

create a new simple test meeting

  • Registration NOT required
  • a simple Passcode
  • no waiting room
  • Options: Allow participants to join anytime

you can use it endless - if you don’t use it some (???) weeks, it will automaticly deleted from your zoom account



Sounds like you may be encountering one of the edge cases listed here :

Please double-check the meeting configuration is as expected.

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