See how many active calls in a queue

I’m wanting to get the number of active phone calls in a queue to display on a dashboard. I can find the current number of users who are logged onto the queue, but not who are currently on answered calls that I can see? Is there a work around for this?

We currently process webhooks to show when the users answer and hangup a call, but its problematic because of people who log into multiple devices we have to process a lot of variables and it gets out of sync if a webhook is not processed/fails etc.

Hi @beitsafejess ,

Are you able to use the list call queues API endpoint?

The “status” field in the call queues object will show which are “active”.

Let me know if this works for your needs.


Hi Gianna - thanks for your response.

I believe that would tell me how many queues are active, but not how many calls are active/answered within that individual queue?