Seeing code 3301 with a valid uuid in trying to get recordings

Hello, I’m having troube

For some reason I can’t see a recording of a meeting passing a valid uuid.

headers = {"authorization": f"Bearer {generate_token()}", 
            "content-type": "application/json"}
recordings = requests.get(f'{meeting_id}/instances', 
classes = json.loads(recordings.text)
last_class = sorted(classes['meetings'], key=itemgetter('start_time'), reverse=True)
uuid = last_class[0]['uuid']
recording = requests.get(f'{uuid}/recordings',

The uuid is ‘/MrCmrPmRRCMNpllDs1A6g==’
meeting Id is 926 5853 6120

The above code for other uuids with the same meeting. I’m positive that the uuid exists. What might be wrong? Thanks!