Server to Server OAuth Zoom Dashboard Scope

Is the dashboard scope available for server to server oAUTH apps? Currently when I try to add the dashboard scope for my app it doesn’t appear in the list of options. How do I make it appear?

Hey @ryan.cockren
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
In the Server to Server OAuth app you will find the scopes need to access all the Dashboard endpoints

Elisa that is my problem, when I click on “add scopes” dashboard is not an available option. Perhaps their is a setting on our Zoom account we need to adjust?

Ah I see @ryan.cockren
Could you please send me the email address associated your account via DM please?

@elisa.zoom I can’t seem to DM you, but can look at…

Hi Ryan,
It looks like under your account you only have the JWT app…

I do not see the Server to Server OAuth.

Could you please create one, by going to Develop > Manage > Build App and scroll down to the bottom and click on create Server to Server OAuth

Sorry try looking at, that’s the actual owner of the app in the zoom marketplace.

amazing, let me look into that

Hey @ryan.cockren
Sorry for the late reply.
Were you able to add the dashboard scope that you were looking for?