Share outside your account - No button visible on Marketplace

We have a published Oauth app. Outside organizations can no longer install the app.

We see the setting “Share outside your account” is set to “Inactive”.

However, there is no button called “Request to Share” visible.

How can we change this inactive status to active?

I haven’t seen this behavior before so I’m checking in with our marketplace team. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

It looks like our team will need a bit more information to investigate this case. Can you send the Client ID of the app in question?

Client ID is qKgv0rdwRSyHKISKdXBr3Q

Thank you for sending this, I followed up with our team.

Thank you, looking forward to hearing back.

Any word back on this @MaxM. This is blocking installs for our production app.

Max we were able to resolve this but updating the /oauth/authorize to point to the correct app.