ShareApp options - Add 'Share to breakout rooms'

Currently, the shareApp method only supports an option to share sound. I would really like to be able to programmatically set an option to set “Share to breakout rooms” as well.

Is there any workaround to be able to support this? Or can this be added to an upcoming App SDK release?


Greetings, @chrisewald ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum – great question! Before diving in, I want to make sure I understand your goal. Could you tell me if you are trying to share audio from the main meeting to a breakout session? Can you provide more information about the user experience you are hoping to create?


Apologies for not being more clear in the original question. What I mean specifically is the ‘Share to breakout rooms’ option when you click Share Screen. Shown here in the Zoom UI:

I would like to programmatically check that box via the options sent to shareApp. Currently, according to the documentation, I can only specify the ‘Share sound’ option: ShareAppOptions | @zoom/appssdk - v0.16.7

Being able to share screen to breakout rooms is a significant use case for Zoom App developers who want to enable experiences that use both an application and break out rooms.


Thanks for the additional details! I do not believe it is possible to share sound programmatically via the Share to breakrooms but I can see the value this feature will bring to different use cases. Let me check internally if this feature is on the roadmap. I will share my findings on this matter here.

In the meantime, to cover as many bases as possible, feel free to submit this feature request here as well :

Thanks @donte.zoom

I am not trying to share the sound programmatically. I am trying to check this box programmatically. It only appears when a breakout room is already open and you then click share screen:

The ‘Share screen to breakout rooms’ feature is new, so I would imagine this would take some to get access to the API.

It seems like a very straight-forward addition for this option to be added to ShareAppOptions

Please let me know if this exists on the roadmap or can be added! Thanks!

I did also submit a feature request to the url you listed.

Any response? The previous response was very misunderstood.

It doesn’t look like this is on our roadmap just yet. Can you share the feature request that you submitted previously? Also, if it does not include it yet, please share your use case for sharing to breakout rooms.

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Thank you @MaxM !

I had just looked through my email for confirmation of the original submission, and could not find any confirmation or ID number associated with it.

The use case I want this for, essentially is for situations where Collaborate mode does not work (ie mobile devices) and Zoom falls back to screen sharing. My application has a host/participant role distinction where it sufficient for only the host to be running the application, and broadcasting a screen share to all participants. The application will also use periodic breakout rooms, and broadcasting the hosts running application screen into breakout rooms (again, especially useful for clients where Zoom Apps and collaborate mode is not available) is important.

Better than this, would be to have Collaborate mode available everywhere, including all client devices and guest role. I recently saw that Zoom for iOS can now run Zoom Apps, but it doesn’t appear that collaborate mode is available yet. Clicking collaborate on the host instance, immediately opens a screen share for the iOS client, and does not give the option to “Join” or enter collaborate mode (and yes, I do have mobile enabled in the app settings, and it runs fine if open it directly or use the sendApplicationInvite flow). Perhaps collaborate mode does work for iOS apps, and this is not the intended behavior. I would certainly prefer, if Zoom for iOS clients were prompted to Collaborate/Join, rather than immediately going the screen share fallback.

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Thanks for sharing this! I’ve passed this use case information on to our team to see if we can get traction on this feature.

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