Sharing Screen Take long time and blurry

When I’m using Zoom.startShareScreen() it takes a long time to start, and after starting, my sharing screen is very blurry, IDK why, it’s only happening once and I cannot recreate the error again

Which Web Video SDK version?

Video SDK Code Snippets

var sharingScreenElement = document.getElementById(
try {
	await this.zoomStream.startShareScreen(sharingScreenElement);


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device:Macbook Air
  • OS: macOS 11
  • Browser: Chrome

HI @superprokid ,

Thanks for sharing! If it only happened once and you cannot reproduce, it may have been due to some other issue or something running in the background taking up resources that impact screen share quality. Let us know if it occurs again and under which conditions.

Hi @gianni.zoom , thanks for reply, does internet connection speed related to that issue?

Hi @superprokid , yes internet speed/connection can definitely impact screen share quality.

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