Signature is invalid Error Code 3712 in reactjs

Hi ,
I am getting signature is valid from zoom for some users not all users. Also if you use same user account in another laptop it is working fine. the SDK token is exact valid when it comes to iat, exp ,sdk key everything is perfect. I am using it for only participant so role is 0 always.

can anyone help me with this .

Signature is invalid.

Which version of zoom?
@zoomus/websdk”: “^2.17.0”,

Hi @MaxM and @donte.zoom and @gianni.zoom can you please help me with this ticket.

Hi @yashkalra088 , this part makes me wonder if there a server clock drift affecting the signature. Please check out this article for more info about this

Here’s a forum convo about this as well with some sample code:

Hi @gianni.zoom , Thanks you so much for reply, I am making the token at the client browser side not on the server. Also I have tried deducting more than 30 seconds in the code. The signature was invalid(Zoom error) and Also in the signature if you see iat time it is exactly perfect when I have used epoch converter on iat the time and seconds was perfect.

Hi @yashkalra088 ,

Please collect MSDK logs from both laptops (instructions here)and share in the private message I’m about to start with you.

Please also include the following:

Hi @yashkalra088 ,

Have any of the other search options from the forum helped?

Additionally, can you please clarify if you’re using client or component view and able to reproduce with the sample app?

If anyone is facing this issue please make sure that you are making your token at the server. Also your users timezone should be aligned with the token’s timezone(like their computers timezone will also impact so make sure that this is also correct) that is what i have found and fixed the issue.

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Thanks for sharing @yashkalra088 !