Some broadcasting help/ideas...


I use Zoom to gather a group, and then live stream them to Twitch via OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). Currently, I capture the window or screen in OBS, and duplicate/cut/crop it up to make the appearance the way I want. 

This is inconvenient for two reasons:

1)  The amount of time it takes to set up for each stream.

2)  If one person drops from the call, the “tiles” all reshuffle, and my production window is all messed up. 

Is there a way in the API to “grab” each person’s individual feed? If I set up my OBS software to go get each individual stream, that would bypass all the mess. I would think that the participant’s streams are all being handled individually, so is there a way for me to address them individually?

  • Matt 


Matt, This is not supported  - to be honest, we will not provide granular access to individual video streams on our platform.

Thanks, Wei @ Zoom