Some users (but not all) getting an invalid redirect message

A small percentage of users are getting an invalid redirect message. The redirect URL is correct though and works for the majority of users.

“Invalid redirect: (4,700)”

Which App?
Paperbell - App Marketplace

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
I can’t reproduce, but some users are getting this message 100% of the time. Message me for their account emails.

Hey @chris9 ,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.

Can I ask if you are using dynamic redirect urls? Also, is the error being thrown on step 1. or step 2. of the OAuth flow?


Hi Tommy! We’re not using dynamic redirect URLs. I don’t know if it’s being thrown on step 1 or step 2 - the user reports aren’t specific enough.

One of the users just created a new account and that worked fine though. So it seems to be a problem with some subset of user accounts.

Hey @chris9 ,

If you could test this and see if you can reproduce the issue, that would help us debug it.

Please also provide screenshots if you can.


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