Sometimes asks for login to the host for start meeting


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I have Server-to-Server OAuth App API in my PHP Project, I am creating meeting by using API and it’s working fine.

But issue is that When host start meeting it’s ask for the login to start the meeting.

It’s not ask for login everytime only sometimes it’s ask for login.

Please check that thing as soon as possible and let me know what’s the issue.

Check this screenshot :


HI @firstclass-support
Thanks for reaching out to us
I believe this is expected.
For users to be able to start a meeting, they should be logged in in their account

Hello @elisa.zoom ,

Thank you for your reply.

My concern is that: It’s not ask for login every time. It’s ask for login in rarecase.

Why it’s happenning?

Please let me know as soon as possible.


It is probably because the user who is trying to start the meeting is logging out of the account some times @firstclass-support

Hello @elisa.zoom

No, It’s not probably.

I have checked that thing in incognito window as well.

On this window also some meeting start directly without login and ask for login for the some meeting.

Please investigate this issue as soon as possible.


Hi @firstclass-support
Is it always the host of the meeting who is trying to start the meeting who is being asked to log in to their account?
I am not able to replicate this on my end, so can you please share with me meeting ID where you saw this behavior as well as the email of the host who was asked to log in before starting the meeting and another instance when this issue did not happen so I can take a look on my end


Host start meeting using URL:

This meeting not ask for login: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This meeting is ask for login: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Please check it.



I’ve tried both links. They are asking for login before the meeting can be started.

Yes, both link are ask for login to the me as well.

Yeasterday only one link is ask for login.

Let me create new meeting and share link with you.

Check this meeting link : Launch Meeting - Zoom

Also see this scrrenshot:

You can see I am using incognito browser and you can see Launch Meeting button.

Please verify it quickly.


@chunsiong.zoom @elisa.zoom

Please check my last reply quickly.


@firstclass-support ,

If you look at the URL in entirety, there is a ZAK token which is attached to the end.

The ZAK token has an expiry time of 2 hours, which explains why this URL posted now does not require you to login.

The ZAK token allow “logging-in” as the host of the meeting.

https: // zak=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJzdiI6IjAwMDAwMSIsInptX3NrbSI6InptX28ybSIsImFsZyI6IkhTMjU2In0.eyJhdWQiOiJjbGllbnRzbSIsInVpZCI6IllkUHFnNWVyUkJ5alp3bEU4REJCLVEiLCJpc3MiOiJ3ZWIiLCJzayI6IjU5NzYwOTczOTc3MzYzMjgxODciLCJzdHkiOjEwMCwid2NkIjoidXMwNiIsImNsdCI6MCwibW51bSI6Ijg2MzYyNTAyNjI3IiwiZXhwIjoxNjk2NDA1MjQ3LCJpYXQiOjE2OTYzOTgwNDcsImFpZCI6IllMMS1NMnJnVE5xTUthQzVuMGVQY2ciLCJjaWQiOiIifQ.lvpU8UuVUilutxahy4j6p1ZWSGHYpi0A-es8CFr9SoI

How can I remove this token expiration time limit?

We have to remove that expiration limit because our teachers and students create the meeting too longtime ago to the meeting time.

Please guide me on that or provide another solution if you have.


@chunsiong.zoom @elisa.zoom

Also we can’t share login details with all our teachers and students.

So we have to provide ability to that all users to start meeting without login.

Please provide solution for that.


@firstclass-support , I would strongly encourage you to read up on the documentation regarding ZAK token.

You cannot remove the token expiration limit. You can however get the start meeting URL closer to the start of the meeting, so that the token is still valid for that span of time.


Can you please share documentation.


@firstclass-support ,

Here’s the URL to get the user’s ZAK token. Typically you want to the the ZAK token of the host.

Here’s the url to get the start_url of a meeting.

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@chunsiong.zoom @elisa.zoom

Thanks for your reply.

So we have to create meeting just 2 hour ago before the meeting schedule.

There is no other way to fix that issue. Right?


@firstclass-support , there is a couple of way. Here are some listed.

  1. Create meeting just 2 hour ago before the meeting schedule.
  2. Create a meeting way before hand. Get the host’s ZAK token, and append it to the start URL <2 hours before actual start time./
    Example “https ://” + xxxxx.yyyyyy.zzzzz"
  3. Create a meeting way before hand. Get the meeting details (using the Get a Meeting API ) <2 hours before the actual start time. This will give you the entire start URL
    https ://
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@chunsiong.zoom @elisa.zoom

How can I get zoom ZAK token for perticular meeting using api?


@firstclass-support ,

You will want to get the host’s ZAK token from here