Sometimes correct data is not returned


Zoom’s WebAPI is used to obtain information on meeting participants.
The GET method is used and’ . $meetingid . '/participants
($meetingid is passed as the meeting ID at the time), but despite the fact that the user is obviously attending the meeting, the

  • No list of participants
  • participants[“leave_reason”] is not empty]
  • Reply timed out
    One of the following may occur.

We assume that the API is used to monitor the status of the meeting and that it is working properly, but we would like to know if this is happening and what to do if it does occur.
I get the feeling that problems don’t occur during the week, but they can occur on the weekends.

Is there any way to deal with this?


Hi @KAZUMA87 ,

How long does this persist for? When you query the API with the meeting ID at a later time, are you able to reproduce this issue?


Hello @gianni.zoom ,

Depending on the day of the week, correct data may not be received for 2-3 hours. It seems to occur relatively on weekends. Today is a weekday, but it does not reproduce.
I’m wondering if Zoom’s API servers are sometimes congested.

Also, does it ever take a while for someone to join a Zoom meeting and for the actual number of people attending to be reflected in the data returned by the API?