SSO Login for users who uses the Zoom Application created with Native zoom sdk

We are planning to create a zoom application with the help of Native Zoom SDK for Mac. So, when a user starts a zoom meeting or use this zoom application , can we perform SSO authentication first ( with google identity provider). This SSO authentication for helping the organisation to authenticate whether the appropriate user is going to use this application.
( In this case also, the Meeting SDK credentials app is required to get the SDK credentials to perform the authentication at app level as well , right ?)

Please help

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Certainly. You can indeed implement SSO authentication with a Google identity provider in your Zoom application created with the Native Zoom SDK for Mac. This process will help ensure that the right users access the application. SDK credentials are typically required for this integration. For detailed guidance, refer to Zoom’s documentation and consider reaching out to their developer support or community forums for specific assistance. Good luck with your project!

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