Meeting start without authentication

How can I start a meeting with start url without authentication to zoom.

I am using zoom apis to create meeting and in response i am getting start_url. As I can see there is zak token in start url to automatically authentication.

But it is asking for login to start meeting always. Please check the message below -

If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting(766-389-215)

I dont want manual authenctication to zoom, I want to click start_url and join the meeting as host.

Please tell me, how can i do this?

And here is one more thing, all the time when I hit start_url it ask for start by browser or app option.
I always want to join by browser, please help me in this also how can i avoid this screen of asking browser/ app?

Hey @rohit,

I just tested and the start_url with the Zak token worked (opened Zoom App and started meeting).

As for the host using the start_url to start the meeting in the browser without signing in, that is unsupported.

I would suggest using the Web SDK if you wish to have a user start a Zoom Meeting without logging in.