Meeting start without authentication

How can I start a meeting with start url without authentication to zoom.

I am using zoom apis to create meeting and in response i am getting start_url. As I can see there is zak token in start url to automatically authentication.

But it is asking for login to start meeting always. Please check the message below -

If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting(***********)

I dont want manual authenctication to zoom, I want to click start_url and join the meeting as host.

Please tell me, how can i do this?

And here is one more thing, all the time when I hit start_url it ask for start by browser or app option.
I always want to join by browser, please help me in this also how can i avoid this screen of asking browser/ app?

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @rohit,

I just tested and the start_url with the Zak token worked (opened Zoom App and started meeting).

As for the host using the start_url to start the meeting in the browser without signing in, that is unsupported.

I would suggest using the Web SDK if you wish to have a user start a Zoom Meeting without logging in.


Hi Guys,

I am facing the similar issue. I got the url with zak token. When we go to that url, it is asking for login.

I have embedded the start url in anchor tag. How can I auto login the host (We have the login details in our app).

When user clicks on the link, the zoom app should be opened and it should auto login with the login details we have in our app and start the meeting.

Also, is there any way we can share the screen automatically when host click on the link to start meeting?

Hey @abhiit61,

Make sure the start_url is not expired.

As of now we do not have a way to programmatically start screen sharing.


I am also facing the same issue. I’m trying this in angular, it shows “sign into start” when i call the url(with zak) in iframe . But i’m already sign in to the zoom in browser and start_url is not expired. i tried the url in browser and it works fine.
How can i solve this?

Hey @sobha.edison,

Can you share a screenshot of the issue and steps to reproduce it?


now i changed iframe to websdk but i got another error pls check

Hey @sobha.edison,

Will do thanks.