Start_url not signing in host if using PMI with Passcode

When requesting a scheduled meeting the returned start_url asks the host to sign in if the Zoom admin account has enabled (and locked) the Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting. It’s not a timeout issue since we use the GET /meetings/{meetingId} just before clicking on the start_url

“If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting xxxxxxxxx”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Create Meeting - POST /users/{userId}/meetings

{:user_id=>“”, :type=>2, :topic=>“Test Meeting”, :start_time=>2021-10-20 10:00:00 UTC, :duration=>60.0, :timezone=>“Europe/London”, :settings=>{:meeting_authentication=>true, :waiting_room=>true}}

{“uuid”=>“qyAB8masTPmjHi0ACZmtNQ==”, “id”=>xxxxxx, “host_id”=>“yyyyy”, “host_email”=>“”, “topic”=>“Test Meeting”, “type”=>2, “status”=>“waiting”, “start_time”=>“2021-10-20T10:00:00Z”, “duration”=>60, “timezone”=>“Europe/London”, “created_at”=>“2021-10-20T10:56:08Z”, “start_url”=>“Launch Meeting - Zoom”, “join_url”=>“Launch Meeting - Zoom”, “password”=>"", “h323_password”=>"<h323_password>", “pstn_password”=>"<pstn_password>", “encrypted_password”=>“dHY4dVFkck03QXVZd3lkcSsvem4zQT09”, “pmi”=>“4293740512”, “settings”=>{“host_video”=>false, “participant_video”=>true, “cn_meeting”=>false, “in_meeting”=>false, “join_before_host”=>false, “jbh_time”=>0, “mute_upon_entry”=>false, “watermark”=>false, “use_pmi”=>true, “approval_type”=>2, “audio”=>“both”, “auto_recording”=>“none”, “enforce_login”=>true, “enforce_login_domains”=>"", “alternative_hosts”=>"", “close_registration”=>false, “show_share_button”=>false, “allow_multiple_devices”=>false, “registrants_confirmation_email”=>true, “waiting_room”=>true, “request_permission_to_unmute_participants”=>false, “global_dial_in_countries”=>[“US”], “global_dial_in_numbers”=>[{“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“Chicago”, “number”=>"+1 3126266799", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}, {“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“Houston”, “number”=>"+1 3462487799", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}, {“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“New York”, “number”=>"+1 6465588656", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}, {“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“San Jose”, “number”=>"+1 6699009128", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}, {“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“Tacoma”, “number”=>"+1 2532158782", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}, {“country_name”=>“US”, “city”=>“Washington DC”, “number”=>"+1 3017158592", “type”=>“toll”, “country”=>“US”}], “registrants_email_notification”=>true, “meeting_authentication”=>true, “authentication_option”=>“signIn_fP8ObrSpRyqA8msOqddnmQ”, “authentication_name”=>“Sign in to Zoom”, “authentication_domains”=>"", “encryption_type”=>“enhanced_encryption”, “approved_or_denied_countries_or_regions”=>{“enable”=>false}, “breakout_room”=>{“enable”=>false}, “alternative_hosts_email_notification”=>true, “device_testing”=>false}, “pre_schedule”=>false}

The meeting is created (and subsequently retrieved) with the correct passcode for the PMI so is it normal that the start_url doesn’t take this into account or am I missing something?

Hi @mark.kenny

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Does the PMI belongs to the host? or are you creating this meeting in behalf of another person?

Also here is a very useful article on how to use PMI


Hi @elisa.zoom

Thanks for getting back to me.

Out client has a Pro account with multiple accounts associated with it and we use the API keys from their master account to setup the JWT app.

From there we create meetings using the email addresses that belong to the accounts that are associated with the Pro account. Since we are using the hosts email address for the user_id I presume that the PMI does belong to the host.


Hi @mark.kenny

Thanks for confirming that with me. Unfortunately I am not able to replicate the behavior you are experiencing.
Could you please send an email to with a link to this thread with the account ID or email of the owner of the account, so I can troubleshoot further


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