Starting/Joining webinar with startURL is not asking name and email in zoom application

When we start/join webinar with start URL it doesn’t ask for name and email. Before it use to ask name and email. because of this we more than one user uses the start url their name is appearing same and it’s hard to identify whos who.

Please fix it.

@devops Can you provide steps or a code snippet on how to reproduce this? It sounds like the prompt for a name and email would only happen with a user that doesn’t have a Zoom account logged in to the client but I want to make sure that we’re on the same page.

Create a zoom webinar using zoom API, you will get the start URL in return, now give this url to 3 different people, Whoever clicks the URL first joins the session as host with name as zoom account used to create the zoom webinar. Now the second and third person who clicks on the URL next use to login as attendee and zoom use to ask for name and email, but now the second and third users are joining as co-host on click of the start URL and zoom application is not asking them for name and email and directly joining them with the zoom account which was used to create the zoom webinar.

For example if the zoom account has name ABC and email and then all three users who clicks on start url logs in as ABC with email, we can see three people logged in with same name.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.

@devops Thank you for clarifying here! That was very helpful.

If the users are joining with the Start URL then this is expected. Co-Hosts should instead use the join URL and be logged in to the account that was added as a Co-Host.

Let me know if that helps.