Stop Recording after Reconnecting, but can't Request Recording Again

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom Meeting SDK Linux

My zoom bot already recording the meeting with no problem. The issue came when it suddenly got disconnected and try to reconnect to the meeting. After reconnect to the meeting, the recording is stop. Whenever I try to send the recording request, it just won’t show up even though both the RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege() and canStartRawRecording() result is 0. I have tried to stop the recording after reconnect but the problem still exist. How can I record again when my bot is reconnecting?


Troubleshooting Routes

  • Read all the meeting sdk linux changelog, still nothing mentions about recording after reconnecting.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. Run the SDK like usual until it got into the room and start recording.
2. Disable the internet access of bot and wait like 10 seconds until the meeting status is changed to connecting to the meeting.
3. Enable the internet access again. The bot will reconnect, but the recording is stop and can’t be requested again.

I am using docker to enable/disable internet access of the container

Never mind, I have a false thought. I can just start the recording with StartRawRecording() without asking the permission, because the host have accepted it before.