Studio View / Multi-Camera Switcher

Could there be a mode toggle button that changes the GUI to a studio view, that would be specific to the needs of hosts and cohosts that are more than casual users?
I imagine this screen looking like a multi-camera switcher screen.
So you could have a “Preview” and a “Program” window in the middle of the screen.
And along the bottom have a Hot Bar like something out of a videogame, where you would have 5-10 placeholders where you could drag and drop participants, that have assignments, or that you quickly need to spotlight. Having an option to pin your second monitor (media) as an input would be helpful here too. Or the ability to drag and drop .JPG files to one of the placeholders. Auto Fade between 2 cameras/participants would be cool but unnecessary.
You could also have a top bar of 5-10 placeholders that show participants and their video that are actively Raising their hand or Talking.

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