Suggestions/Recommendations for Restricting Live Zoom Meetings and Pre-Recorded Video Content to Paid Memberships (Wordpress/Ultimate Membership Pro, Vimeo, Zoom)

I’m working with a dance studio in NYC to implement a membership website that gives paid members access to live Zoom classes and a library of pre-recorded video content (Vimeo pro). My client has already switched her dance studio clients to Zoom classes and is managing their monthly payments manually.

Our objective is to enable paid members to have access to unlimited monthly live classes and unlimited access to recorded video content.

She is already doing the live classes and the video content is already recorded.

So here is where I am at.

Technology Currenly Being Used or Thinking About Using / Purpose Of

(open to suggestions if there is a better way to approach)

Wordpress/Themify - Website

Zoom Pro account - Live 2-Way Classes

Ultimate Membership Pro - Membership management/content restriction for members on wordpress

Vimeo Pro - To host video content and restrict access to members accessing it via member-restricted wordpres pages

She also has a Punchpass account, which integrates Zoom with a pay-per-class scheduling/registration platform. The class schedule can be embedded in the website but I’m not sure there is going to be a way to make it restrict access to paid Ultimate Membership Pro members, so this may not be an option.

Stripe - payment processing

I am aware of this Zoom-Wordpress plugin but have not tried it out yet.

Zapier - Not sure if it will come down to this but I am familar with Zapier automations and have a paid account which could be used if automating membership inclusion between platforms becomes necessary

Thought Process

In an ideal world/the way I am currently going about this, there are three memberships, which will each include acess to their relevant content and (hopefully) live Zoom classes:

  1. Kids - includes access to live kids classes and pre-recorded kids library videos
  2. Adults - includes access to live adult classes and pre-recorded videos
  3. All-Access - includes access to everything

There are 4 total teachers, who each have their own live Zoom class schedules.

Up until this point my idea was to use the Wordpress plugin, Ultimate Membership Pro, to restrict member-only website content to paid members, and to manage their access to specific pages containging the member content (Vimeo and Zoom), with free-trials/monthly subscription access.

My initial idea was to use that Zoom-Wordpress integration plugin to just display the classes on member-protected pages and show the calendar on an unprotected page so people can see what kind of classes are going on then they would have to become a member to access the page the classes are being streamed on.

Now that I am getting further into this, I am having a concern about management of registration for Zoom classes and class scheduling.

We have the membership management and restricted vimeo content access figured out. The ultimate membership pro plugin manages the registration of members, restricts pages containing the member-only content to members, and processes monthly subscriptions using stripe integration.

I am trying to figure out if this approach is going to work for the live classes.

In my mind, the best way to help sell the memberships would be to make the live schedule front-facing to the public so potential users can see what the class lineup looks like but if we were to do that, I am not sure how to limit class participation to active/paid members.

Punchpass allows for schedule managemnent/class registration but I think it might be more complicated than it needs to be with users already having to have the membership in place then having to re-register on punchpass for the classes, but somehow doing that in a way that only gives them access to the classes relevant to the membership they paid for.

I’m not sure if Punchpass has a monthly membership option but even if it did, we would still have the issue of restricting recorded video content to paid members.

Some of my questions:

Does anybody have any recommendations for how to go about showcasing the Zoom class schedule to the public but that somehow could restrict registration/participation to active members which are managed in a different location (wordpress/ultimate membership pro)?

Approaching it in this way, is it going to be possible to have the multiple membership levels or would it be significantly easier to just have 1 membership level that has access to everything? This would then take away the consideration of correct classes being made available to the corresponding membership levels/members.

Am I going about this the right way/is there a better way?

I am open to suggestions and appreciate any constructive recommendations.

Hey @lerose, to answer your Zoom specific questions:

You could use meeting registration, which limits access to meetings to people who sign up / you approve / pay.

Zoom also has paid webinars with Paypal: