System Control API

Trying to work with ZOOM Room control API. I have it enabled however the AVEO system I am working with does not see it. Per write up it looks like I should be using Zoom Room client app 5.0 but only version 4.3.1 is available? I currently have 4.3.1 however I can not connect the AVEO system to the zoom client. What am I missing as I seem to have all correct minus the client version 5.0 of which does not seem to exist?

Thank you

The 5.0 nomenclature is incorrect. The ZR-CSAPI works with the latest production Zoom Room versions from

  • Mac: Zoom Rooms Version 4.3.1 (555.0307)
  • Windows: Zoom Rooms Version 4.3.1 (1017.0308)

Assuming you have the Zoom Room enabled for your account, and that you have configured an SSH passcode, then after you install the Zoom Room, you should be able to SSH into the Zoom Room:

ssh -p 2244 zoom@[Zoom Room IP address]

After you enter the SSH passcode, you should get a command line prompt, which indicates that the API is up and running.

Be aware that the CLI does not support the exec functionality of SSH: It’s plain text only.


I have installed latest version of zoomroom client. It seems zappi.exe not installed. Can I just download zappi.exe from somewhere.

Hmmm. You really can’t install the zaapi.exe file manually. Try this on Windows:

Totally uninstall the Zoom Room by going to the Windows Apps & features page, and uninstall from there; I’ve seen problems when trying to uninstall from the “Uninstall Zoom” executable. Then remove the directory c:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomRooms, and also the cache directories:


Then Re-install the Zoom Room. After the Zoom Room is installed and launched, close the Zoom Room, then:

Verify that the API executable was installed. It should be here:

c:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomRooms\bin\ZAAPI.exe

Look at the logs for the ZR-CSAPI. They should be located in %APPDATA%/ZoomRooms/logs/zaapi_x.log. If you see that file, the API process was up and generating logs.

Then launch the Task Manager and show the processes.

Then launch the Zoom Room. Then while the Zoom Room is running, tab-switch over to the Task Manger, so that the Task Manager appears in front of the Zoom Room. Open the drop down for the the process group “Zoom Rooms (32 bit)”. Listed in that process group should be “ZAAPI (32 bit)”. If that process is running, then the API process should be up, and it should be accepting SSH connections via port 2244.

There is a possibility that your anti-virus is preventing the ZAAPI.exe process from launching. Try white-listed the ZAAPI.exe file.

There is a possibility that your firewall is preventing incoming SSH connections to port 2244.