Terms of Use of Zoom API

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We believe that there is a possibility of violating the license terms depending on the usage method when using the Zoom API by anyone other than the contracting party (customer in this case) who has a direct contract with Zoom. The following is a quote from an external site that has such a description.

The access token generated by Server to Server OAuth App (and former JWT App) has the same authority as the administrator’s user ID and password. The implementation of sharing the “ID, Secret” described below and the token after generation from the user to the platform developed in-house is equivalent to collecting personal information and violates the rules. Please consider application approval on the Marketplace including OAuth separately or a separate ISV contract.Server to Server OAuth App (and former JWT App) is only allowed for internal usage.はじめての Zoom API - Server-to-server OAuth編 - Qiita

If the meeting organizer wants to join as a host, use a Pro or higher license with REST API available. On the other hand, if the organizer provides a third party with a meeting that the organizer does not participate in as a host, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with an ISV partner (hereinafter referred to as “ISV”).ZoomのAPIを使ってミーティングを作成して第三者に提供する - VisasQ Dev Blog

So I have the following questions about the terms and conditions.

Is it a violation of the license for a third party to provide services using the Zoom API to which the customer has subscribed?

If so, what kind of agreement (additional agreement, etc.) would not be a violation of the license?

If we sign a contract with an ISV partner, is it possible for a third party to build a system (provide services) using the Zoom API that the customer has signed?

Are there any restrictions on the APIs that can be used depending on the Zoom contract?

How about this case?
Please let us know about the Terms of Use regarding ZoomAPI