What license (if any) do I need?


I started working on a prototype application that uses Zoom meetings API. The aim of the application is to help students to find appropriate teacher for solving a given problem. The idea is to keep all the functions like searching a teacher, browsing teachers’ calendars, booking lessons and providing the lessons with audio and video in one application. I have developed the application consisting of Front-End and Back-End that implements all mentioned functions as well as it appoints Zoom meetings. The meetings are being appointed for a student and a teacher using my Zoom account. Technically, Zoom meeting API functions were called from Back-End using my JWT Token (a kind of server-to-server integration). I know that JWT Token form of authentication is not supported any longer so I have to make the required changes to my app. Furthermore, at this moment the application is only a proof of concept for my own use but I would like to make it available for other people so they can benefit from the functionality offered by my app. I suspect that for such a use the account-level app is not possible as it uses only one account. Could you advise my what solution should I choose. Should I use Server-to-Server OAuth app or user-level OAuth app or any other ? Do I need a license ? If so, what kind of license do I need ? What are the prices for each of technically possible solutions (licenses) ?


@robert.janowski200 ,

You might want to explore an ISV licensing route.
Do drop us a note at https://explore.zoom.us/en/contactsales/

Hey @robert.janowski200 , great questions!

As Chun Siong suggests, we do have ISV partner programs that allow you to provide differentiated licensing and features to your own users.

If you intend to provide Zoom licensing to the end users of your app, use our ISV Partner model. You’d likely create a server-to-server OAuth app for this.

If you intend to have users authenticate their Zoom accounts with your application, you don’t need any additional licensing. You’ll want to submit the application for review and publication on our App Marketplace. You’ll want to use a user-level OAuth app.