Zoom Meeting SDK and agreement needed for third-party usage

I have integrated the Zoom Meeting SDK to my multi-tenant web applications, which i plan to launch online at the end of the year. This web application is not dedicated to internal users, it is dedicated to external users.
According to the terms of uses of Zoom API, my users (who are not my employees) are considered as third-party usage.
Zoom forbid third-party usage and requires anyone using the Zoom Meeting SDK for external users, to get a “written approval” (Zoom API terms of uses article 6.1). Or, somewhere else in the doc it is stated that what is needed is actually a partnership with the ISV program.
The ISV agreement involves a 2K monthly fee, and the pricing model that comes with it is not a license model, but a minutes pricing model.
The question i would like to ask is:
Is it possible to use the Zoom Meeting SDK for third-party usage without partnering with ISV, but by just requesting an apporval via another channel ?
If yes, who should i contact to get this aproval and to start the process of getting this approval ?

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Hi @luca_del,

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!

For this approval discussion, this will also be handled by Zoom ISV team. Are you currently speaking with anyone from the ISV Team?

Hi @jenzushsu, thank you for your message, i got in touch with them, i was introduced the costs of being an isv partner, but i didnt get any information about how to get an approval.
I mentionned the Meeting SDK, would you think also that using the Video SDK is subject to an approval or agreement with ISV for third-party usage ? I think my question could be in fact broader and be : in which circumstances the usage of ZoomSDKs requires and ISV agreement, because there are also mentions in the doc of a publication of the app to the marketplace that could allow third-party usage but i understand that may be a different scenario right ?
I am asking for the Video SDK because looking at this page Video SDK and Meeting SDK comparison – Zoom Support, i have the impression that the Video SDK allows for more flexible use cases and could even be exempt of the constraint on third-party-usage

Hi @luca_del,

This would require an in-depth discussion on the track of using Meeting SDK for various purposes. I will advise you to continue this discussion with the ISV team to get better clarity on those use cases before deciding on the next path.

As for Video SDK, we are providing video as a service where you have the flexibility to leverage on Zoom core services to build your own video platform.

Hi @jenzushsu ,
Thank you for your answer, that is clear for me now :slight_smile:

Glad @jenzushsu was able to provide clarification. Let us know if we can help answer any other questions.

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